Thursday, January 9, 2014

Goal is a 4 letter word ;)

As I look at December 2013, I see gifts that weren't bought, packages that weren't wrapped, Christmas cards that never got sent (or purchased for that matter), cookies not baked and that's just the stuff I know about. Who knows what I let slip without even being aware. As a mom we are pulled in so many directions that it so easy to get distracted, but I've got to get it together.

I hate setting goals because the fear of failure always lurks. It's easier for me not to have a goal then fail because the feeling of failure, well, stinks! Even thinking about making a list of to-do's overwhelms me, so to put it on paper is an effort in itself. So I've come up with a new strategy, goals, not daily, but weekly. I think this may put things in to a perspective that doesn't overwhelm and seems to be lending more success. So I'm trying it this week and so far, I've checked a few things off.

Here are my weekly goals for the week of January 5, 2014:
1. Read the Storybook Bible to the kids at least 4 nights this week
2. Establish a workout routine for weights (Thank you hubby) and do it 4 days this week
3. Take the dog to the vet
4. Work out the dinner menu through January 15th
5. Write a blog post (well, I'm doing this now, so we'll just go ahead and mark it off)
6. Get my flu shot
7. Clean out the cabinet under the sink
8. Organize craft closet
9. Decide and schedule kids spring activities (thank you snow day)

So this list might be completely accomplished this week. Even so, I will never be that mom that has it all together, you know the one that remembers teacher snack day and the PTO meeting (yeah, I forgot both this morning). That is not how my brain works, I thrive in organized chaos. But the word I was missing in 2013 was organized. I need to get it back and this is the first step!

How do you keep it all together?


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